Aviv Yaish

I research blockchains at The Hebrew University.


Office A414,

School of CS & Eng.,

Givat Ram campus,


My research focuses on the economics of computational systems and protocols, such as cryptocurrencies. I am part of Prof. Aviv Zohar’s lab, and my research is supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Israel.

If you would like to collaborate or discuss on any of my ongoing projects, feel free to get in touch. This includes bright undergrads who are looking for a tutorial work mentor (עבודה מודרכת, קורסים מספר 67524/67537/67538).


Sep 8, 2022 Uncle Maker & Correct ASIC Pricing will both be presented @ CESC22! Stay tuned for more info.

Ongoing Papers

  1. An economic model for DeFi platforms
  2. Attacks on Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms

Selected Publications

  1. Uncle Maker: (Time)Stamping Out The Competition in Ethereum
    Aviv YaishGilad Stern, and Aviv Zohar
  2. EC
    Blockchain Stretching & Squeezing: Manipulating Time for Your Best Interest
    Aviv YaishSaar Tochner, and Aviv Zohar
    In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC ’22), 2022
  3. Correct Cryptocurrency ASIC Pricing: Are Miners Overpaying?
    Aviv Yaish, and Aviv Zohar