Aviv Yaish

I research blockchains at The Hebrew University.


Office A414,

School of CS & Eng.,

Givat Ram campus,


My research focuses on the economics of computational systems and protocols, such as cryptocurrencies. I am part of Prof. Aviv Zohar’s lab, and my research is supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Israel.

If you would like to collaborate or discuss on any of my ongoing projects, feel free to get in touch. This includes bright undergrads who are looking for a tutorial work mentor (עבודה מודרכת, קורסים מספר 67524/67537/67538).


May 1, 2023 Uncle Maker was accepted to CCS23! The accepted version includes new results.
Feb 1, 2023 I received an AIANI fellowship & will be hosted by prof. Svetlana Abramova & Rainer Böhme!
Oct 5, 2022 My talk on “Blockchain Stretching & Squeezing” @ EC22 was uploaded here.
Sep 8, 2022 Uncle Maker & Correct ASIC Pricing were accepted to CESC22.

Ongoing Papers

  1. An economic model for DeFi platforms
  2. Attacks on Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms

Selected Papers

  1. Greedy Transaction Fee Mechanisms for (Non-)myopic Miners
    Yotam Gafni, and Aviv Yaish
    In Annual Conference of the Israeli Chapter of the Game Theory Society, 2022
  2. Uncle Maker: (Time)Stamping Out The Competition in Ethereum
    Aviv YaishGilad Stern, and Aviv Zohar
    In Proceedings of the 30th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS ’23), 2023
  3. Blockchain Stretching & Squeezing: Manipulating Time for Your Best Interest
    Aviv YaishSaar Tochner, and Aviv Zohar
    In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, 2022
  4. Correct Cryptocurrency ASIC Pricing: Are Miners Overpaying?
    Aviv Yaish, and Aviv Zohar
    In Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC ’22), 2023