Research interests

My research focuses on artificial intelligence and the economics of computational systems and protocols, such as cryptocurrencies. I am part of Prof. Aviv Zohar's lab, and my research is supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Israel.

If you would like to collaborate or discuss on any of my research interests, feel free to get in touch. This includes bright undergrads who are looking for a tutorial work mentor (עבודה מודרכת, קורסים מספר 67524/67537/67538).

Recent Work

System Introduction for CS (67100): an undergraduate MOOC.

System Introduction for CS (67100)

An undergraduate MOOC introducing new students to the command-line shell in Linux based operating systems, fully developed and recorded by me.

HUJI's From Nand to Tetris (67925).

HUJI's From Nand to Tetris (67925)

The version I taught at HUJI of the famous From Nand to Tetris course, originally by Shimon Schocken and Noam Nisan, with some modifications by me.

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    School of Engineering and Computer Science,
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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