Research Interests

My research focuses on artificial intelligence and the economics of computational systems and protocols, such as cryptocurrencies. I am part of Prof. Aviv Zohar's lab, and my research is supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Israel.

If you would like to collaborate or discuss on any of my ongoing projects, feel free to get in touch. This includes bright undergrads who are looking for a tutorial work mentor (עבודה מודרכת, קורסים מספר 67524/67537/67538).

Ongoing Projects

An economic model of DeFi platforms

Existing economic models of blockchains and DeFi do not capture certain inherent intricate details. I'm in the process of creating a better model. An analysis of this model shows that players in the system can strategically manipulate it for profit using methods which are unexplored by the current literature.

Attacks on Proof-of-Work consensus mechanisms

I'm currently investigating a novel attack vector on PoW blockchains.

Recent Work


Blockchain Stretching & Squeezing: Manipulating Time For Your Best Interest

In this paper, we show that miners can stretch and squeeze the time between blocks by manipulating Bitcoin's and Ethereum's difficulty-adjustment algorithms. Furthermore, this can be used to create interest-rate arbitrage between decentralized finance platforms such as Compound and Aave. Forthcoming in EC'22.


System Introduction for CS (67100): an undergraduate MOOC.

System Introduction for CS (67100)

An undergraduate MOOC introducing new students to the command-line shell in Linux based operating systems. Fully developed and recorded by me.

HUJI's From Nand to Tetris (67925).

HUJI's From Nand to Tetris (67925)

The version I teach of the famous "From Nand to Tetris" course, originally by Shimon Schocken and Noam Nisan, with major modifications by me.

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